ION Dining - Taste Paradise
Ion Dining - Taste Paradise

Taste Paradise at ION Orchard is the latest addition to the expanding portfolio of the Paradise Group. Taste Paradise at ION Orchard is a flagship restaurant made for such an iconic location. Attracting local, regional and international attention needs a food and beverage partner that embraces the challenge of catering to a wide range of expectations and one that would fly the Singapore flag high and Taste Paradise @ ION steps up to the plate.

No effort has been spared to outfit the 7,000 sq ft space into a world class dining destination. Taste Paradise does that in a unique environment with the interior inspired by the elegance of Chinese culture and the historical Emperors of China. Guests will first be greeted by a beautifully carved stone wall showcasing a blooming peony. Tree Peony is one of the most beautiful and charming flowers that have prestigious reign in the flower world. Tree Peony is also known as ‘the king of Flowers’ due to its elegance, poise, notional beauty and heavenly fragrance. The interior design is a cultural journey and education of Chinese Heritage which is inviting, relevant and memorable. The appearance of the architecture can be summed up as magnificent, grand, dignified and harmonious. The main design theme evolves around the ancient Chinese emperors – dictating wisdom, power and prosperity.

The interior is designed and constructed in accordance with the laws of geomancy. Overall material selection has been carefully chosen and is primarily stone and timber carvings as well as old rustic wood with antique features to reflect the sophistication of the Chinese architecture with the intention of providing visitors a sense of grandeur as they enter.

Taste Paradise is committed to showcase the best of Cantonese Cuisine, Dim Sums and Roasting Fare with the development of an extensive gourmet menu of Cantonese and Contemporary Chinese cuisines that has never been seen locally. Hailing from Hong Kong, our renowned Master Chef Fung and Executive Chef Lau will tantalize your palate with their continuous innovative creations which has never fail to surprise its diners from time to time.

With a team of dedicated management staffs, every details of the service procedures will be looked after to ensure the most impressive and memorable dining experience.

Last but not least, Taste Paradise at ION Orchard is committed to ‘wow’ the F&B industry.