Published on Jun 2024
Published on Jun 2024

Savour a delectable gastronomic journey, where each dish unfolds a chapter of culinary delight from dawn till dusk.

ION Orchard welcomes you to a gastronomic playground for the foodie at heart. Whatever the craving or time of day, rest assured your palate will be presented with an abundance of culinary choices that promises to tantalise the taste buds. Embark on a voyage through the flavours and aromas of five distinguished dining establishments, each a choice selection in this collection of delicious experiences.

Rise and Shine: Fresh Bakes for a Perfect Start

Let the alluring fragrance of freshly baked goods envelop you at DONQ ÉDITER and MiniOne, marking the start of a culinary adventure. Set the tone of the day with the most important meal — breakfast! Awaken your senses with the enchanting aromas at the famous Japanese bakery as you begin your foodie adventure. ION Orchard is the first location outside of Japan to launch DONQ ÉDITER.


Be among the first to sink your teeth into a variety of exclusive breads and pastries. Indulge in treats exclusive to ION Orchard such as the Caramel Nuts Bread and the Matcha Cream & Chocolate pastry, or savoury breads like Truffle Cheese and Tomato & Cheese. MiniOne, known for its bite-sized croissants, mochi and cheesecakes also presents an exclusive Choco Mochi for you to delight in the sweetness and chewy texture of the bread.


The Art of the Bento

For a while now, sen-ryo has been buzzing with the energy of patrons eager to partake in its sumptuous offerings. With the arrival of noon, it emerges as the premier destination for food connoisseurs seeking a harmonious blend of luxury and affordability in Japanese cuisine.


Lunchtime at sen-ryo is a parade of value, where guests can partake in the sen-ryo Premium Bento, the choice par excellence. Including a treasure trove of nine assorted items, this bento promises a tasteful journey with its crisp ebi fry, succulent unagi, and a sashimi selection that boasts luxurious otoro and salmon belly. The Soft Shell Crab and Mango Haru Nami Maki, a mouth-watering creation exclusive to Singapore adds a refreshing twist to the appetiser lineup.


High Tide Meets High Tea

Those seeking a luxurious and well-rounded midday treat, Jumbo Seafood’s newest high tea offering is a must-try. Dubbed ‘An Extravagant Afternoon Sea Experience’, this high tea is a lavish affair available daily from 3pm to 5pm. It’s an exclusive treat found only at Jumbo Seafood’s ION Orchard location that is best enjoyed between you and a friend or loved one.


Embark on a 12-course journey served in delightful bite-sized portions. The adventure begins at the top tier with the Dragonfruit Lobster Salad adorned with Lumpfish Caviar, followed by the Crispy Fried Baby Squid, and culminating in the iconic Chilli Crab Meat Sauce paired with Sliced Fried Mantou. It’s a balanced arrangement of flavours that Jumbo Seafood recommends savouring from the top down, starting with the sweet and nutty squid, before diving into the rich chilli crab sauce.


A Fiery Evening Soirée with a View

Atop ION Orchard, 1-Atico offers a sensory feast with stunning views from the tallest point on Orchard Road. The transition from day to night brings a lively ambiance, inviting guests to explore FIRE and FLNT’s distinct dining experiences. Begin at FLNT with a Nikkei-influenced menu and specialty drinks, highlighted by the vibrant Ceviche Nikkei. Then, ascend to FIRE for an Argentinian feast, featuring communal favourites like the ‘Devesa’ OP Rib and ‘Choripán’, all against Singapore’s panoramic skyline.


1-Atico encapsulates the essence of Orchard Road’s dining scene, from FLNT’s sumiyaki bar and Peruvian grill to FIRE’s Argentinian warmth. It’s a place where every evening promises a journey of flavours, complemented by a curated selection of sakes, cocktails, and a backdrop that presents a magnificent glimpse of Orchard’s sprawling view. Whether it’s for a sumptuous dinner or a few rounds of exquisite drinks, 1-Atico offers two complementing vibes and menus for those seeking to elevate their night out.


The Final Act of Cheesy Indulgence

As the day winds down, there’s no better after-meal treat than LeTAO’s exquisite double-layered seasonal cheesecakes. Capturing the sweet notes of summer, the Gateau Pudding Tiramisu Cheesecake, blends classic tiramisu flavours with the comforting texture of gateau pudding. It’s a unique interplay that delicately balances between the rich mascarpone of traditional cheesecake and robust, aromatic espresso. 


For a fruitier bite, the Hokkaido Ichigo Fromage Cheesecake satisfies with its delicate strawberry flavours in full seasonal bloom. Savour the light and refreshing taste of succulent Hokkaido strawberries, nestled within the creamy layers of LeTAO’s renowned cheesecake.


Anytime is the perfect time to grab friends and family for a culinary adventure at ION Orchard. Experience the diverse canvas of Singapore’s rich dining landscape and as you depart with a full belly, carry with you the memories of satisfied cravings, the joy of discovering new flavours while carrying the anticipation of your next visit to ION Orchard’s gourmet haven.

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